Weekly Report Week Ending 04/10/2019

Fat cattle Report

Good afternoon this is Shaun McHugh taking a look at the weekly livestock markets for the first week of October 2019.  Tallied numbers this week included –

  4000 fat cattle
  9000 lambs
   7000 mutton and
     800 store cattle

Into the cattle pens firstly, where once again there was a large supply of cows and young cattle along with large numbers of young calves.  There was limited supply of heavy grown steers and heifers.  Lines to suit feedlotters were light on, however restockers had plenty to choose from.

Light weight steers and heifers sold to a dearer trend, with southern interest and quality being a factor.  Restocker steers sold from 224 to 330 cents, while the heifer portion sold from 200 to 276 cents.  Steers to suit the feedlotters remained firm and ranged from 260 to 302 cents, with the heifer portion ranging from 240 to 287 cents.

The cow market saw a variation of prices this week, with medium weight cows looking to remain firm and selling from 185 to 210 cents, while the heavy weight cows lost up to 15 cents and sold from 220 to 260 cents.  The best heavy bull reached a top of 265 cents.

Carter Lindsay & Weber sold the following cattle for their clients –

The Doyle family of “Rob Roy” at Ballimore, sold Angus cows for 169 cents, weighing 416kg to return $704.

Josh Crook of “The Ranch” at Merrygoen, sold Angus cows for 230 cents, weighing 547kg to return $1265.

The McWhirter family of “Springfield” at Tooraweenah, sold Angus cross steers for 292 cents, weighing 445kg to come back at $1299.

The McLaughlan family of “Merryanbone North” at Warren, sold Angus cross cows for 222 cents, weighing 492kg to return $1092.

And for The McConnaughty Family of “Elstow” at Baradine, who sold Charolais cows for 242 cents, weighing a massive 785kg to come back at $1901.

Fat Sheep & Lamb Report

Into the lamb pens now, where the market lifted for better finished lambs across all grades.  

Light weight young lambs saw interest from the restocker and processor and ranged from $90 to $130.
Medium weight lambs to the processor and supermarket orders also saw a slight rise as the better finished end sold from $150 to $180, however those lambs not showing cover and condition are not seeing a dearer trend.
Heavy weight lambs that were well finished sold to a dearer trend and ranged from $187 to $250 with quality and weight contributing, however those showing plainer condition sold to cheaper trends ranging from $148 to $170.
Extra heavy lambs that were limited in supply saw a significant price improvement and topped out at $279.

Carter Lindsay & Weber sold the following lambs for their clients –

Geoff & Margaret Frankham of “Glenroy” at Ballimore, sold SAMM lambs in a 3 score condition, with a ½ inch skin for $145.

The Whillock Family of “Maxland” at Geurie, sold 2nd cross suckers in a 3 score condition, to the domestic kill for $170.

Stan Ellis of “Pinevale” at Mogriguy, sold Merino lambs in a 4 score condition with a 1 ½ inch skin for $184.

Out of Wellington now for The Hubbard Family of “Tanna”, who sold 2nd cross suckers in a 4 score condition with a fresh skin for $241.

Sam & Penny Deshon of “Rocklee”, sold White Dorper suckers in a fresh 2 and 3 score condition to the domestic kill for $130.

The McConnaughty Family of “Elstow” at Baradine, sold Merino lambs in a 4 score condition with an 8 week skin for $199.

Kim O’Neill of “Boganelle” at Trangie, sold crossbred lambs in a 3 score condition with a 1 ½ inch skin for $211.

And lastly for The Mannix Family of “Gumbooka” at Bourke, who sold Dorper suckers in a 3 and 4 score condition to the export orders for $160.

Into the mutton pens now, where quality and condition was very mixed with all classes represented.  It was a dearer market for the heavier well covered sheep and remained firm for the plainer conditioned sheep.

Light ewes made from $62 to $82
Medium weight ewes made from $90 to $140
Heavy ewes made from $160 to $200 with an isolated sale up to $215

Light wethers made from $70 to $90
Medium weight wethers made from $105 to $149
Heavy wethers made from $166 to $203

Carter Lindsay & Weber sold the following mutton for their clients –

The Edwards Family of “Catombal Park” at Wellington, sold Merino wethers in a 2 and 3 score condition with a 3 month skin for $160.

And for The Reardon Family of “Piangobla” at Collarenebri, who sold crossbred wethers in a 4 score condition, with a 1 inch skin for $183.

Well that about wraps it up for another week, don’t forget about the working dog auction on Sunday 13th October to be held at the Geurie Showground – with the demonstration commencing at 10.00am and the sale commencing at 2.00pm – for more information contact Matthew Weber on 0418 639234.

So until next week ................................ Bye.